What is Student Council?

Student Council is a leadership program offered in elementary through high schools and continuing in many universities.  It was founded to help develop public speaking and leadership qualities as well as encourage civic and community mindedness.

Who can join Student Council?

An election for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer is held in the fall.  The voting population consists of students in grades 4-8.  Seventh and eighth grades can run for all offices.  Fifth and sixth graders may run for the offices of Secretury and Treasurer.

Soon after the elections, each classroom votes on one representative in grades 4-8 who will be student council representative.

Any student wishing to participate in the election must submit an application which includes signed permission by his/her homeroom teacher, the principal, another staff member, and a parent.  Student Council officers are expected to be good role models academically, and also be responsible and ethical students and citizens.  Candidates each give a speech in front of the student body.  The